I Didn’t Do It

I want to go to Resident Evil: Retribution so much I was part of the movie in my tonight’s dream. We were hiding from zombies in a dorm, where I supposedly lived during my university studies. There was this room, equipped with all the stuff for protection against zombies and a door that you should’ve seen – it had state of the art locks across its whole perimeter.

Lately, I’ve been having these quite literal dreams – a boy I like, a boy I like touching my hand, a boy I like kissing me, a boy I like hugging me, a boy I like hanging out with me, a boy I… well, you got the idea. Made me wonder – hey, subconscious, those are the things that I am actually aware of, why wouldn’t you send me a message about something I am repressing?

Like, I am pretty sure I wanna murder that girl with pretty smile and cute face that he put a like on couple weeks ago on Facebook, and I’d be the first one running towards that girl whom he stood way too close to in that one picture, should she decide to jump off a tall building. And – no, I am not gonna be rushing to councel her there.

Well, you get the drift. Subconscious, TALK TO ME.

[Kids, jealousy is a bad feeling, you should not hurt people out of jealousy. I know I do. I mean I don’t. I *don’t*. You hear me? I DON’T. I know what you are thinking right now – girl, don’t run to me when the police… I don’t. I dooon’t. Dooon’t. Not guilty. [Starts singing in Velma Kelly/Katherine Zeta-Jones voice:] They had it coming, they had it coming// They had it coming all along// I didn’t do it, inspite if I’d done it// How could you tell me that I was wrong?]