Meet the Creepo

I’ve been watching some really low-rate television all day and feel ashamed about it now (though I didn’t while I was watching it). But, you know, I hardly feel ashamed of watching porn, why would I be ashamed of watching some TV programming?

[Judgemental voice:] The show was FOR TEENAGERS. [Pleading:] But, come on, they have a storyline for parents too! [Judgemental voice back on again:] Which is only there TO MORALIZE AND PREACH TO TEENAGERS. [Awkward silence]

You know what else is awkward? The two friend requests I’ve sent to people on Facebook whom I met at job interviews. My messages to them where something along the lines of: “Hi, I’m that creepy person you didn’t hire a whi-i-i-ile ago, but I liked you so much during our short encounter that I stalked you all this time, until I discovered this Facebook account of yours where you don’t even use your real name or real photograph, and decided to refresh our relationship”.

I swear, the text was literally like that. I wonder if they’ll call the police on me. Which, now that I think about it, these poor girls sure should do. God, I am getting creepier by day.