Here’s a funny story. I found this announcement for a business breakfast with some cool dude in the news, inviting everyone willing to join. So I thought to myself “Hey, they are inviting everyone willing to join. I am willing to join, so I am invited, right? Now, ain’t this an opportunity to finally meet some cool people?”

I was ready to pay the entrance fee, but then noticed the press was allowed in for free, and hey, I’m press, so I applied for accreditation. They asked for further information on my media (which is a tiny online thing), and never replied. But that silence was so loud I bet my neighbours could hear it.

Over there at the cool people holding business breakfasts headquarters they probably looked at my application and just started to laugh. And then they called colleagues from a different department and laughed with them.

This reminds me those high school scenes in movies, when a nerd kid comes up to the cool crowd and asks whether they would take them as a friend, and the cool kids just laugh to their faces. Or, that one time when I tried to tell a guy I liked him, and before I could say anything, he just said “Listen, don’t…” Oh, right. That’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. Coughpatheticcoughlosercough.


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