House Arrest

It’s been two days since I’ve been outside… I mean, this doesn’t sound as dramatic as I intended it to, but my point is I’ve been spending my hours in my small Kyiv apartment, and it gets lonely…

You know how they say house arrest is a terrible thing, and then they show you movies where the main character lives in this huuuge house and has all sort of fun, while locked up there? Well, I’d spend my vacation in that house, people! Get real! Most fun I am having right here is considering watching Home Alone and stealing candy from the for-holidays-only pack.

Thing is, it’s really chilly in Kyiv these days, so you don’t want to go outside unless you really have to. And with the office having turned into an Ice Age prop and everyone working from home, I don’t even have to.

Turns out, there’s a long list of things you don’t have to do when house arrested. Like, wash your hair, or get up from your seat in front of the computer, or dress like your social status is higher of that of a homeless person…


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