Here’s Your Juice

So you know those times when you hate your friend who says you need to get laid? What you usually hate more is the realization they are probably right. When I was reading the news just now, I noticed the headline “Russian cyclists disqualified for erotic images”.

I clicked on it (of course), began scanning the piece, tried to quickly get to the juicy part, but realized there was nothing on the erotic images in the piece at all! It was a bunch of doping ish. This is the part where you wanted to be all cool, like, hey, where are my juicy details on the erotic images of the Russian cyclists??!

You go in ready to shout scandal! at them for disqualifying someone for doing some awesome erotic photo shoots (and hoping to take a peek at them too), but it turns out you read the headline wrong… Yeah, cause I’m smooth like that. The text actually read “Russian cyclists disqualified for ethical reasons.” I know, I know, just drop it now.


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