You know how sometimes you decide to drop a bad habit, but just keep doing what you told yourself not to? Like, here’s an example. On Facebook, I switched off updates from this one guy whom I was basically stalking there. Like that would work.

So now when I go to Facebook, I go to his page, switch on “Show in news feed”, scroll that small news feed box in the top right corner of the page where you can see not just what everyone posted but their comments, likes, new friends, etc. to check if he liked or commented anything.

Then I go back to the guy’s page, switch off updates, and feel like I was totally not stalking him anymore, and my actions were just a one time thing. Which I did several times today already and couple yesterday and the day before… Totally will never do it again.

Anyways, I also told my mom she shouldn’t have bought the kids Christmas candy pack that she bought the other day. Because I was so totally sick of all the chocolate I ate yesterday, and on top of that, I always hated those holiday candy packs. And then today when mom left, I opened the pack, which she meant to keep unopened until the holidays…

I took several candies out and ate them, and they were! This is basically a type of self-undoing behaviour where you say one thing and then 15 minutes later you are like “I never said that!!” I never said that;)


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