Epic Fail

So I logged to Facebook, was not expecting anything revolutionary, and GUESS WHAT I GET. A bunch of OUT OF THIS WORLD beautiful pictures from my friends’ trip to Greece last month. WHAAAT?! DUDE, I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR THIS! (Now look at me – always the one wondering why people never like my awesome pictures…)

Don’t get me wrong – these friends of mine, they are (relatively) nice people, and I like them (at least more than I don’t), and they are definitely fun to hang out with, but COME ON. Those pictures are good. Not the lame vacation shit most people bring back from their trips.

I LOVE those pictures. I LUST after those pictures. And yet, OF COURSE, I could not press ‘Like’ for any of them. Because – seriously?! DUDE, I am sitting in this room in front of my computer, wearing a parka, it’s NOVEMBER, it’s FREEZING outside, and you give me summer, beaches, sea, and, most importantly, you give me a happy couple in there??

And my problem is not just it’s that it feels like 90 percent of any given day these days is darkness, oh no… Actually, this is not my problem with those pictures AT ALL. My problem is that MY (non-existent?) relationship with the man I love SUCKS. I am probably the main contributor to fucking it up, sure, but I just don’t know better. And I just love how the best friend of the man I love is probably laughing at me (well, at least I get that vibe) for being so inapt. DUDE, I FUCKING KNOW, TEACH ME BETTER, IF YOU PLEASE.


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