Dream On

Woke up three hours earlier than I needed to as I had this multi-level dream where I start off at my friend’s house, end up on a roof-top concert of Adam Lambert, where I manage to take pictures with Adam and also have a short talk.

I mean, how awesome IS Adam Lambert? Even in my dream he was so sweet and nice to me. Like he meant it. Like he would’ve liked to know me as a person. Yeah, girl, because dreams portray people as they are in real life. Right. But it’s always so difficult to shake these experiences you have in your dreams.

For example, I had this dream how the hot guy, whom I talked about couple times here, took my hand like he meant it, and all day next day I was expecting that person to actually do that in real life! LOGIC. Or that time when I had a dream he kissed me. I was offended the person in real life didn’t.

With that attitude, now I’m supposed to go and demand my photos with Adam Lambert from the two people I know in real life who took them in my dream. Wonder how long will it be before they call a shrink on me. Imagine their faces when I say: “Hey, so when are you gonna send me the pictures you took of me and Adam Lambert on that roof-top concert that we were to this Sunday?” Um, GIRL… NEVER, that’s when.


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