Straight Faces

I felt like I really should enlighten you on who Lorelei Gilmore was, as you internet-surfing people are the laziest people around (oh, I should know…), so here it goes – some examples of what she’s like:

Lorelai: Excuse me, hi. I am not seeing my coat here, and it was very cute and it was on sale, and I will fling myself off a building if I lose it.

See? She’s HILARIOUS. And the most exciting thing about her is that she says that in her normal voice so despite all the crazy exaggeration most people don’t get her jokes. Which is funny in itself. Well, maybe just because this is the way I am too, but mainly because she’s hilarious. Look:

Rory: Salad’s great, Grandma.

Emily: I’m surprised you can eat at this point, even salad.

Rory: There’s still room.

Lorelai: And if there isn’t room, we’ll add on. I know a good contractor.

It’s like no one understands you! You crack a joke and they are all straight faces and not getting it. Like, AT ALL. Some people just need to stop taking themselves and the world around them so damn seriously.

Rory: Can you keep a secret?

Lorelai: Not so far, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.


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