I Suck at Relationships

So here’s a funny thing. There is this hot guy that I like (a lot), but we can’t make it work (for what seems like forever). And it never crossed my mind (up until right now) that I have no clue what I actually want from him.

I mean, technically, I’d like to date. Realistically, all my fantasies about us being together end up in sex, focus on sex, there’s basically hardly anything else but sex in them. But I am not having any sex outside a serious relationship, so there would have to be something else besides sex there, and this is where I got stuck.

Flowers? Definitely, but how many times that can repeat? Hugs? Well, they don’t last forever either and are sex-related anyways. Talk? Well… I am struggling to think in his presence through the thick fog of the sexual attraction, he talks about sex most of the time, and when we do manage to have an intelligent conversation he turns me on because he is so smart and I can’t carry that conversation!

See? It is ALL ABOUT SEX. God, what makes a relationship? Trust. Emotional connection. Oh, I know – we need to spend time together doing stuff (not that stuff). But then again – I feel very strongly about couples not spending too much time together as it kills romance.

Wow. Look at that! I am, obviously, a relationship expert. Ask me some advice, people, this is so going to work out nicely for you (and me).


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