Okay, now this is awkward. Haven’t posted any ideas here since I didn’t get any. Talk about “a lot of movie directing ideas”. In the meantime I tried vlogging, which is blogging only in a form of a video address to random bored people on the internet. What I discovered was that I suck. I mean, the text is not that bad but the delivery is the worst. So I thought I should just stick to writing.

So here’s a funny story. I went to a doctor today, whom I told what medicine I’ve been taking while self-medicating for the last 24 hours, and I specified that IT DID NOT WORK. She said ok, took a good look at various parts of me, asked a lot of questions, decided I had at least rhinitis and maybe even sinusitis, and then wrote a prescription.

I thank her, walk out of the door, relieved and hoping it’s all gonna be alright now. AND THEN TAKE A LOOK AT MY PRESCRIPTION. GUESS WHAT. SAME MEDICINE. After I told her it didn’t work, she still prescribed me that same damn thing! I mean, it’s not like I’m claiming she’s total nuts (she did prescribe me other medicine too) or that I don’t understand that it might take longer than a day for a medicine to work, but come on.


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