Facebook Friends

So I am on facebook, browsing, killing time, and I notice a friend of mine liked this post by this spin-doctor who works next door to my office. I take a look at the post and discover it’s part of a series where he comments on posters of politicians participating in the ongoing pre-election campaign.

Now, let me give you some background on the guy. He seems to be at odds with the bosses in my office, but they seem to regard him as a known figure nonetheless. I, myself,  have background in spin-doctoring and never heard about the guy. I mean, I’m not the ultimate expert but I’ve always been suspicious about accomplishments of the guy.

So now, with this series of smart posts I kind of got the urge to add him as a friend – we do work next door, don’t we? We even met (though I’m sure he wouldn’t know who I am). And then I thought about it again – I’ll have to write him a message to let him know who I was. This is where I got stuck.

What would I say? “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me…” Wait. Something like: “I just met you once, and I work at a place where everyone hates you, and I used to hate you too, but now that you have this awesome series up and I have a spin-doctoring background, I just have to have you as a facebook friend. Because, you know, just subscribing to you in order to follow the series would be, like, too uncool of me”.


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