The life and death of a tear

To show the depth of grief we show a girl going up the stairs in a tall building, she is getting more and more emotional about her problem but not crying just yet. She gets through to the top of the building, she runs to the edge, leans over the handrail and breathes heavily. Closeup to her face – we see a tear emerging in hear eye. It slowly drops and we follow it’s motion, downwards, we see the tiny tear drop all the way down to the pavement.


Lights! Camera! Action!

Today, in times of literally everyone having a camera I wonder why directors don’t use this more – give your character a camera and then show the audience some amateur footage made by them.

This can be a great trick to show how bored somebody are – sitting at home, doing nothing, taking out a camera, hitting the shoot button and filming themselves doing random stuff.

You shot the bullet, you shot the bullet that killed me

An action movie opener. A person sketching something on a piece of paper – a professional working on a project. We realize it’s a bullet. The images change quickly in a fastforward mode.

The sketch is turning into an actual making of a bullet at a factory. It’s packaged and, eventually, a¬†box arrives to a store. Someone buys a pack of bullets. A gun is loaded with a bullet – the bullet, our bullet.

Finally, someone is shot by the bullet from our gun. We see the dead body and the next frame has a subtitle “X hours/days/weeks/years before”. Insert your movie here.